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Dear Friends

We have come to the end of yet another year. Prize giving last Wednesday was a wonderful gathering under the tall pine trees with special mention being made of our achievers.

The term has been a busy time with plenty of happenings and enthusiasm from the teachers, children and a host of wonderful folk who have done so much for our small school. This term we’d particularly like to thank Tony & Liesje Carter for their interest, incredible hard work and for the contributions they have helped realise for the school.

We also thank Paula and the Mackenzie family for hosting the Bubbly & Roses Festival in the Midlands. What a wonderful day of tastings, in a tranquil setting with all proceeds raised going straight to our precious school.


Bubbly & Roses Festival – Paula Mackenzie

On the 21st of November 2015 Vinimark with 15 of their producers participated in the Bubbly and Rose festival on Piccadilly Farm Lions River, hosted by the Mackenzie family. The aim was to raise money and awareness for the Big 5 Hike, and the Royal Drakensberg Primary School. While guests enjoyed great sparkling wine and MCC our aim was that they would be inspired to participate in the event at The Cavern next year, and to be generous and purchase Christmas goodies on the day from the school, these had been made by the children in the months leading up to the event. There was a table where there were second hand books, where guests were able to take a book and make a donation. It was a day for locals to enjoy a picnic lunch with goodies from the Midlands and catch up with friends over a cold glass of bubbly.


Mind Moves Workshop – Melanie Roux

On the weekend of the 13th of November Judy, Marianne and Melanie went to Hilton for a Mind Moves Workshop.

Mind Moves are basic movements that mimic primitive reflexes to develop neurological pathways to promote sensory-motor integration, posture and learning ease.

Michaela de Gier was very informative and taught us specific Mind Moves that we can do with the children in our school to help them with any learning barriers.

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives – Clay P Bedford.


Grade 3 Lions head to ATKV Drakensville – Judy Evans

The Grade 3 Lions went to ATKV Drakensville for their outing this term. It was a great day spent outdoors. The children were very brave and we started the day off by Foefie sliding across a dam at great speed. They were then challenged to do an obstacle course without speaking; you can imagine when you’re bursting with excitement how difficult this might be. They were put into teams, leaders were chosen and the fun began!

They were guided by their leaders through a number of obstacles and great fun was had in the end. One of the highlights of the day was to swim in the big heated pool and go down the water slide. Many started off afraid and nervous but in the end had to be dragged out the pool area for a delicious sit down lunch in the dining room. The day was topped off, with butterflies in their tummies, as they abseiled for the first time. It was wonderful to see children overcoming their fears and accomplishing things they thought they would never dream of doing. It was a fantastic day in the sun and we sent home exhausted children that had made memories they will remember for a lifetime!


Grade 4 & 5 outing – Kevin Mackenzie

The Grade 4 and 5 class went on an outing at the end of term 4 to see the bushman paintings located at Montusi. Shadrack guided the group and taught us about the value of the fauna and flora in the area and how it was used by the Bushmen. The Bushman paintings themselves were great to see and the children were able to understand and interpret them by the end of the discussion given by the guide. Shadrack showed the children how to make fires and how to track animals in the wild. We had a fantastic day outdoors exploring and learning new skills out in the mountains.



Market Day – Nikita Peters

Market Day was held on Thursday, 22 October 2015. It was a cold and rainy day but that did not stop the children from having plenty of fun. The parents even got to have some spending fun at the jumble sale. Despite a lot of the outdoor activities not happening due to the rain there were many games for the children to play plus there was plenty of yummy food to buy. Some of the activities that were available on the day were face painting, bowling and the best was that the little girls could have manicures done just in time for the long weekend. The grade 4 and 5 learners also made some delicious pancakes and there was a tea garden for parents to have some cake and tea which was perfect on this chilly day. The day was a success and this fundraising event was definitely worthwhile.



Christmas Play – Stacey Buchanan

On Thursday 26th November our Hippos, Zebras and Meerkats put on their annual Christmas Play. The story started off with some narrators sharing with the audience that they had a special secret. They were met by some of the angels who told them that they too had a special secret, which turned out to be the same secret. Once the narrators had realised that they had gone back to the time of the birth of Jesus, they joined the angels and took the audience on a journey to the moments leading up to the birth of Jesus.

Each child was given a few lines to learn. They memorised their words and delivered them with confidence. The parents were asked to join us in singing a few carols. The children led the singing and sang their hearts out. The play was a great success.


Christmas Craft Day – Idah Khumalo

Christmas craft day at school is always an exciting event for the children. The children were divided into six groups with a leader that led them through all the activities that day. They had 20 minutes to complete each activity before moving on to the next one. The children had great fun making edible Christmas trees, a peg angel, various Santas, a Christmas tree and a reindeer. Each child left the craft day with a box full of home-made Christmas goodies and a heart full of Christmas cheer.


Reading – Megan Bedingham

Having recently read an article on the importance of reading in growing children and an economy it is apparent that there is much to do! Our teachers remain on a mission of instilling a culture and a love of reading and books in our children.

Every Wednesday Gogo Jean, our librarian, who also happens to be an aunt running her own Lodge down the road, arrives at school. Gogo is the B.E.S.T. librarian and lets the children take 3, 5 or even 7 books home. This unconditional love for the children, the trust that they know how to care for the stories and the ease at which they borrow the books can only ingrain a whole lot of love for reading.

As we approach the Christmas season we are reminded about the spirit of giving. Giving is something which has amazing spin-offs for all that do it. Giving time, giving a donation, taking a little while to pass on old story books, or spending just 10 minutes reading to a child will in some-way come back and warm the heart.

I often wonder how we can be more productive or be a little more effective. The to-do list is vast, and the challenges huge, but it is always inspiring when you look back, join the dots and see how far we have come. There are good people who help and encourage and we can only march forwards. Here’s to growing a great reading economy!


Final Word

Take care this Christmas time. Travel safely and best wishes for the new year.

With warmest regards,

Megan & Loretta

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