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18 thoughts on “Success

  1. We’re so proud of the work the school doing and the lifelong impact on the children’s lives. Well done!! And please continue to do great things!! Here’s to the Big 5 Hike!!

    1. Neo, thank you so much! It was the most brilliant day and we are so grateful for the support!
      Warm wishes,

  2. Good luck to everyone – a tough hike but such an achievement – and to Megan and family you do SO much for the school which has flourished thanks to you

    1. Thanks Judy.
      We had the most perfect weather and the hike has been a fabulous success.
      Thank you for your donation!
      Warm wishes,
      Megan & the team

    1. Thank you, Renate.
      What a successful day!
      Appreciate every supporter.
      Best wishes,
      Megan & the team

    1. So appreciate the support, thank you Pam!
      Warm wishes to you all,

    1. Made donation of R1000 hope you can enter a few children.
      Maryanne Allen

    1. Nina, it was a wonderful weekend and we are at our target! So very pleased and grateful for the incredible support always!

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