Vision and Mission

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Royal Drakensberg Primary School is a small independent school, founded by God’s grace, in KZN’s magnificent Northern Drakensberg. Our aim is to create opportunities for every child to grow aware of their potential and to equip them to act on it. In the classroom, outdoors and in themselves, children are nurtured and encouraged to be their best. A solid academic program, our situation in one of SA’s most beautiful regions, and a dedicated team of staff ensure that children leaving Royal Drakensberg have a strong foundation on which to flourish.


To contribute towards the transformation of rural communities through the provision of holistic and quality foundation phase education.


Royal Drakensberg Primary strives to be a leading independent primary school for young children. It will provide a world class education by cultivating a culture that embraces holistic educational practices and the best lessons of South Africa’s unique non-racial democracy.

OUR CORE VALUES: Integrity, Kindness, Respect and Work


  • The realisation of potential
  • To create a positive work ethic and life skills with which to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society.
  • Instill the qualities of self-discipline and self-reliance complemented by an awareness of interdependence.
  • Achieve academic endeavour and excellence in an environment in which enquiry and scholarship flourish and are prized as ongoing and valuable.
  • Nurture critical and creative thinking, the ability to exercise choice and to engage in self-evaluation and reflection.
  • Uphold family values and foster a strong relationship between home and school.
  • Being governed in all matters by Christian Faith and principles while at the same time respecting those of other faiths.
  • An acceptance of responsibilities, respect for others and a concern for the social and physical environment.



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  1. I would like to apply for my son he is 6years old please reply.he will be doing grade 1 next year 2016.your respose will be highly apreciated.

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