Newsletter | 4th Term 2021

Dear Friends

Another year draws to an end. We are not quite out of the Covid woods but we are so pleased that we have had such a positive term. It all ended with the “Twelve Days of Christmas” which was the most precious production and the children were delightful. Our teachers share more news.

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Newsletter | 3rd Term 2020

Dear Friends

It’s been a flurry to term-end. So many happenings and much excitement with the Junior Primary wrapping up the final week with their fabulous Showcase. It has been an incredibly productive time and a big shout-out to our teachers who have been so busy not only here but in our work in the greater community. The effort, the ideas and the willingness has been extraordinary and we are delighted to work with such a dedicated team.

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Newsletter | 2nd Term 2021

Dear Friends

It’s the cold term. The days get shorter and the sunshine is just a warm glow. We have even had a little snow on the highest peaks which resulted in a proper cold snap. Thankfully there is much energy and enthusiasm and this warms us up from the inside! The children and the teachers have been so productive! Their hard work and their commitment has resulted in much being achieved, despite the frosty mornings, and today we share an update of a few key happenings from the cold, dark term!

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Newsletter | 1st Term 2020

Dear Friends

We have had an excellent start to 2020 and just when we thought it was going to be year of greatness we have landed up with an incredible challenge.

We believe that in times of great challenge we need to rise up. A wave of vulnerability has enveloped us in the mountains but through the uncertainty to we need to take note of what we can do. As this pandemic unfolds we will continue to wash our hands thoroughly, keep our distances and help the most compromised in our communities. And, perhaps we must continue to spread good news of good works that have been happening in our precious school.

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Newsletter | 3rd Term 2019

Dear Friends

Term 3 has been exceptionally busy. As a School Board we have worked hard to assess our longer term strategy and to see how we can increase our impact in the broader community. Royal Drakensberg is a school of excellence and has the capacity to assist in growing teachers and education in our larger community. We are grateful to our Royal Drakensberg teachers that have hosted two workshops for our Khanyisela Pre-School teachers this year. These were held on Saturday mornings at The Cavern and were well attended by more than 40 teachers from the Amazizi community.

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Newsletter | 2nd Term 2019

Dear Friends

Another term has come to a close and we are all enjoying a crisp Winter in the Drakensberg. Our teachers share a few special stories from Term 2.

The Big5Hike

An incredibly eventful day took place on the 25th of May – The 18km, Big5Hike!

The learners at Royal Drakensberg Primary School began preparation months in advance, assisted by our creative Miss Hesté, to produce beautiful beaded keyrings as gifts to thank those who took part in the event and assisted to raise funds towards their education.

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