A Royal Drakensberg Education Trust Story – Meet Mantombi Khoza

One of the beneficiaries of the funding from Value Logistics is Mantombi Khoza, who is studying towards a Diploma in Grade R Teaching at SANTS. Mantombi works as a preschool practitioner at Sibusisiwe in the Emseni region, she assists as a Khanyisela Mentor and is one of our dedicated BabyBoost facilitators.

Mantombi is one of four siblings, with an inspiring story. After losing her parents at age 13, she took on the responsibility of parenting her siblings, in their absence. She has overcome many challenges while in pursuit of a better future, not only for herself but for those around her. Initially, she dreamed of being a social worker but still feels that she is living her passion by working with children to improve their lives for the better.

We spoke to Mantombi to find out how this opportunity is changing her life and those around her. She bravely narrates the story how they made the decision to not be separated but remain in their parent’s house without adults supporting them. They depended on her brother’s disability grant to survive.

No, we did not have an adult come live with us. The extended family wanted us to move from home and go live with them. We decided that if we go live with them, life will be hard and will not be the same as when we were living at home. They wanted to separate us and say one must go stay with this family and the other with that family. We decided to stay alone

Still living together as adults, they help each other raise their own children. She has continued to strive for a better life and believes that education is the key to this. When asked how her life will be improved, she stated…

I think it will change it a lot. I say that because I will be able to improve the lives of other children in the school that I will be teaching in. I will get better opportunities. I will also not forget where I come from. I will go back and help where I can, if I find greener pastures. My children will be able to study further because I will be able to save up money for their varsity fees“.

She closed of the inspiring conversation with a heartfelt thank you to Value Logistics. She acknowledges her responsibility to pay it forward as she understands that she has not achieved this on her own…

I would like to say thank them for the support that they are providing to me. The funding helps me a lot. Especially considering how I grew up. I do not want them to feel pity for me. I am just grateful for the opportunity and promise that I will work hard. When I am in a position to help others, like they are helping me, I will do so. I will never feel like it was only my strength and hard work that got me here. I will help wherever I can. I am very thankful for the support. I hope they continue to help others as well. I know I am not the only one who needs help, I am grateful that I was selected to study and I will make them proud by working hard and being dedicated so that I do not disappoint them. Thank you so much!

Words: Thobani Ndlovu with Mantombi Khoza

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