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Royal Drakensberg Primary provides a quality foundation education to the children in this area. Conditions in rural areas are generally poor and many teachers lack resources and infrastructure. An established independent school, which is properly staffed and managed, goes a long way to giving children in our area the necessary grounding to reach their maximum potential.

Established in 2007, Royal Drakensberg Primary School is a small independent school which has seen children grow, develop and learn over the past 10 years. Children begin at Royal Drakensberg in the year that they turn 4. They are nurtured and stimulated so that when they begin formal learning in Grade 1, they are ready to take on this challenge. There is a great need for early childhood development so that children have a small springboard to being a success. Sadly many children in these rural areas do not get the necessary support in their early years and as a result learning becomes difficult and they remain on the back-foot forever. Our mission is to ensure that children learn to read so that they can read to learn. We aim to curb the high number of children dropping out of school in SA because they are just not able to read or learn or understand. Those that drop-out become the next lost generation.

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