Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a child and help change their future…

Support one child – sponsor them through their foundation phase years.

It has been an incredible journey as we have watched the children blossom and flourish in this nurturing environment. Once children have spent their foundation phase at Royal Drakensberg, we believe that they will have a firm base to learn. We teach them to read so that they are able to read to learn in the intermediate phase. The recent Reading Report, 2017, found that 79% of Grade 4 South African children could not read with understanding. Without reading children do not have the skills or the ability to advance in the higher grades. They fall behind and many eventually just drop out of school. Of the 1 million children that began school in 2000 in SA, only 50% finished Grade 12. It’s a startling statistic.

We would love to see more children from this area benefit, but as an independent school, we do need funds to realise this dream. Presently more than 60% of the children benefit from our scholarship fund. And, our school fees do not cover the full costs of educating a child.

We are looking for individuals who can assist by sponsoring around R1000 per month. In some cases we need more, but this ensures that we can help transport the children to school, they receive a bowl of porridge, they are stimulated in a safe and nurturing environment and they are ready to learn.

Its a hand-up. Your help = One child with a bright future & much hope.

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