Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a child and help change their future…

Support one child – sponsor them through their primary school years.

It has been an incredible journey as we have watched the children blossom and flourish in this nurturing environment. Once children have spent their primary school years at Royal Drakensberg, we believe that they will have a solid foundation to attend excellent secondary schools in KwaZulu-Natal.

We would love to see more children from this area benefit, but as an independent school, we do need funds to realise this dream. Presently more than 60% of the children benefit from our scholarship fund. Families are awarded financial assistance to a maximum of 80% of the fees and the balance is then payable by the parents.

2 thoughts on “Sponsor A Child”

  1. After visiting your Lodge and visiting the school, I feel I would like to give something to the school. Not sure how much, I was particularly moved by the fact that they had computers but no funds for teacher. Maybe I could help in this way.
    I also have some photos I would like to share with them.
    Please can you advise

    1. Dear Diana
      Many thanks for being in touch. We have the computers installed in each of the classrooms and in our media room and the teachers do their best to include the use of computers in their lessons. Perhaps a fun computer programme may be beneficial for the children and help the teachers? If you would like to email our Head Teacher, Sue Kraupner, she could assist with a couple of ideas; head@royal-drakensberg.org.za.
      You would be welcome to send the photographs through to Sue too.
      Thank you for your interest.
      Kind regards,

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