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Royal Drakensberg Primary School

A Perfect Day to Go to The Market!

– Thobani Ndlovu

Market Day

Gloom loomed over the valley the week leading up to Market Day! So many plans and preparations had gone into the big day, but the rain just poured as each day passed, with predictions of greater rain for the weekend. This really put a damper on our plans.

The planning team had to have a wet weather plan and this included cancelling the jumping castle, I was crushed! I had been looking forward to it as this is where I was stationed and the child in me had hoped to steal a few jumps here and there. It seemed like we had planned the perfect event, but the weather had other plans. Albeit my disappointment, the show had to go on. Notes where changed to coins, cakes were baked, jumble was collected, fun games where scheduled and the tent was pitched! We were ready to weather any conditions; we were prepared for the rain!

Market Day

Finally, the day had arrived! I should have known from the chirp of the birds, before even drawing my curtains that it was going to be clear skies. I did not want to be presumptuous so I peeped through the window with a tinge of fear and an abundance of hope. The disappointment dissipated as the warm sun dried up any anxieties. It was going to be a beautiful day. See, this was going to be my first Market Day at Royal Drakensberg and I wanted the full experience. To see children at their height of enjoyment, laughing and playing throughout the day as they learned the value of money and quick maths. When I saw it play out, I realised that nothing I could ever imagine would have prepared me for the day!

A place where adults are largely outnumbered by the children, the scales were almost balanced. The adults manning the stalls and parents in attendance brought an added liveliness in comparison to the energy that we experience at the school on a day to day basis. There was a happy buzz, with the live music rhythmically flowing with the ambient sounds of nature. The children standing outside the gates where getting impatient by the second and it did not seem to pacify them when we informed them that the gates will be opened at 09:00 sharp! Everything was set and they were ready!

Market Day

When the gates opened, they rushed through to the ticket stalls being directed to the different stations where they could splurge on all the games and items on sale. It was interesting watching them make very important decisions like, “Do I get cake or take a picture at the photo booth”. Seeing them negotiate these as they intensely stared at the money left versus spend proved that we had achieved our goal. Allowing children to handle money in a fun non-threatening way. The day was a huge success, thanks to all that said a little rain will not stand in our way!

A farewell to the Grade 3’s of 2022!

– Cait Gordon

A bitter sweet moment as I watch the children walk out the gate for the last time as RDPS students, wishing they could stay a little longer but knowing all that awaits them. We have grown together as a class as I have watched them grow into wonderful children, they have become completely ready to take on the adventures of Grade 4. I am so lucky to have been your teacher this year and being a part of getting you ready to move on. Each year we spend some time looking back on the year that was 2022, this is what some of the Grade 3’s of 2022 had to say:

Memories I will treasure:
I loved all the games we learnt while doing drama. – Xia
Having fun with Miss Cait learning all about science. – Sithandokuhle
Performing for the school at assembly. – Samkelisiwe

What I loved about this year:
The trip to the Drakensberg Boys Choir. – Zibusiso
Helping with the Big5hike and writing all about it afterwards. – Khensani
Surviving our camping trip in the mountains. – Andiswa

When I first saw my teacher, I thought:
She was going to be a scary teacher. – Mondli
She is pretty and will be kind to me. – Siphosethu

My favourite moment:
I loved to go swimming every week. – Nkazimulo
Playing with my friends and enjoying our time together. – Aphila
I really loved practising and performing the school play. – Mbali

My Time at RDPS

– Britt Houghting

My Time at RDPS

I started out at Royal Drakensberg Primary school as a first-year teacher and feel as though I am leaving as someone who gained so much experience and knowledge. I am ready to conquer the challenges that face me.

As I look back on all the memories that I have made here, I am so grateful for each opportunity that was given to me. I have been able to see so many incredible students make their way through the school. It has been such a joy watching them find their passions, build their skills and grow into wonderful humans.

I was able to plan and direct a few primary school plays in my time here. I enjoyed the dramatic arts during my schooling career, and this has been something so special for me to share with our learners. I will also cherish our music lessons where the learners were able to build language skills through the fun of singing and dancing.

Royal Drakensberg Primary School gave me a wonderful space to grow my own skills. I have been able to try out different teaching techniques and feel safe making mistakes. It has been a place where mistakes are seen as an opportunity to learn.

I will be forever grateful for my time here and will cherish the memories that I have made while living here. I will make sure to look back at what I have achieved here, as I move forward onto my next adventure.

Something Like a Christmas Play

– Sine Ngobese

Performing arts is definitely one way to build a child’s unwavering confidence, however this takes so much patience and a lot of tongue biting from us teachers. At the beginning of what was going to be our busiest term we sent lines home for learners to memorise. Already the following day some learners had learnt their lines off by heart like it was nothing. They would go from teacher to teacher telling them what they will be saying in the play. Quite impressive and a good way of perfecting their lines.

We practiced each and every day. The first few weeks were quite challenging for both the teachers and learners but we finally got the hang of things as each day passed. As we neared our final performance the energy levels were starting to deteriorate especially with year-end fatigue setting in. Alas, we danced at every practice just to get our sillies out and keep our spirits high as we headed towards the big night.

Our show was sold out within a few weeks of selling tickets. Almost every little person had a family member come watch. We knew we were headed in the right direction as we would encourage them by saying that when they practice, they must think of their mom, gogo, brother or sister who will be watching them, doing the trick as they were hugely motivating during our practises to ensure they impressed their family on the night.

School Play

On the night of the play, the teachers were more anxious than the children, nothing new because adults worry about each and every thing. The children had no care in the world. They stood on stage reciting the lines and braving out a room full of more than a hundred people and a spotlight that shone straight in their faces. They stood tall and proud remembering what they had to say and nudging their friend next to them when they had forgotten it was their turn to speak.

School Play

It has been a privilege having had gone from hearing the initial struggles with memorising lines all the way to witnessing the mastery of it. Where many of them had now even know their friends’ lines. It was such exciting few weeks where we got to see the growth of our little ones. This beautifully orchestrated night was a chance to bring our school’s community together and celebrate the work of our learners. Thank you to everyone who came and supported our preschool.

Final Word

2022 School

We have been delighted to watch the children grow and we have been privileged to work with such a dedicated team through 2022.

We wish our greater Royal Drakensberg community a blessed Christmas period. To peace, joy and prosperity in 2023.

Our best wishes,

Teacher Thoba, Megan & Loretta

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