Newsletter | 4th Term 2019

Dear Friends of Royal Drak

It is thought-provoking to read what is making the rounds in the media and we were very interested to see the following from Stuart Lowman, Managing Editor of Biz News;

“The #FeesMustFall campaign weighed heavy on our minds, but was the higher education scope too late?

Would a country where all kids are literate by the age of 6 or 7 create far more value than throwing around free degrees?

A famous Greek proverb states: ‘A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.'”

It is our vision to keep working hard in developing young children, particularly those from the rural communities, as we continue on this journey at Royal Drakensberg. In our opinion a jump-start in the early years can only lead to greater success later.

The year has drawn to a close and the final day was spent celebrating each little person’s personal gift and acknowledging those that came top and those that really persevered against all odds. Torin Mecklenborg, our first school leaver, joined us for the morning and addressed the gathering.

Final Assembly – Torin Mecklenborg

Sanibonani abazali, abathisha nabangane.

Namhlanje ngifuna ukushiya nonke nomlayezo omncane ngoba lesikole siduze kwenhliziyo yami. Ngizoqhubeka ngesingisi ngoba isizulu sami siyehle kancane lapha e-Kapa. (Greetings parents, teachers and children. Today I want to leave you with a short message because this school is close to my heart. I will continue in English because my Zulu has declined since spending time in the Cape)

As I was saying this school is very close to my heart and I couldn’t be more grateful for the years I spent learning here and what it has done for me in my life so far.

The main thing I would like to get across to everyone here today, the umlayezo (message), is that each and every one of you is incredibly powerful. All of you can achieve so much more than you even realise. I know this is something you hear all the time and it seems like people just say it to make you feel good about yourself.

I know I never really took it seriously when I was told of how much potential I had. I was scared to try my best, scared to achieve my full potential. It is only now, after all this schooling and one crazy year of university, am I starting to just get a glimpse of what is possible for myself, and in fact, for all people!

So you all, like myself, are amazingly blessed to be able to attend this beautiful school and there is no question that the education you have received and are receiving is very good…probably as good as it gets for this level of education. But that is just a small part of it.

Here you have received love from all the teachers and the rest of the RDP team, even though they might have thethisa’d (scolded) you a few times. They really do care about you. And I think that this is what sets Royal Drakensberg Primary apart from other schools.

Here you are not just learning how to count and write, you are learning how to think, how to communicate, how to express your feelings, how to treat others, you are learning how to be people!

Niyafunda ukuqonda ukuzawana, ukuvezwa, imizwa yakhe, ukuphatha abanye abantu kanjani, niyafunda ukuba abantu. (You are learning to listen and understand each other, to express your feelings, how to treat other people and how to be a person) This place, without you even realising it, gives you the skills needed to go beyond what you think you can achieve.

So please, don’t be like me and be scared to try your best, don’t be scared to aim high, be brave.
Have the courage to believe in yourself, have the courage to love people, no matter what, have the courage to have integrity, to be kind always and last, but definitely not least, have the courage to work hard. In everything that you do, do your best.

This stuff can be scary, but what you’ll find, is the magic happens beyond the place where you feel comfortable. So use what this beautiful place has given you and be brave!

And you just might see how powerful you really are!

Thank you.

Primary School Prize Giving by Riana Cornelius

As we near the end of the year, the time has arrived for our annual Prize-Giving ceremonies for both the pre-primary and the primary school learners. The staff at Royal Drakensberg Primary School are extremely proud of the progress that all of our learners have made this year and would like to share some special awards that were handed out with you.

Congratulations to our Pre-Primary learners on their wonderful achievements this year. The learners all received certificates highlighting each learner’s individual achievements and their own personal gifts.

In the primary school, in addition to each learner receiving a certificate, each grade identified a top learner as well as a learner who had improved the most over the course of this year.

Grade 1
Top achiever – Lethukuthula Nyembe
Most improved – Thandokwami Nkosi

Grade 2
Top achiever – Naledi Ngcobo
Most improved – Lwandle Sibaya

Grade 3
Top achiever – Zimile Radebe
Most improved – Phakamani Radebe

Grade 4
Top achiever – Asiphe Radebe
Most improved – Alwande Radebe

Congratulations to all our learners and the amazing accomplishments that they have achieved this year and wish them all the best for 2020.

Pre-Primary Christmas Play by Melanie van Zyl

On the 28th of November, the Pre-Primary teachers and learners put on a wonderful Christmas production at the Cavern Resort. The play portrayed a twist on the traditional nativity story with a focus on Christmas tree decorations and the importance of things that are special to us even if they may not look shiny and new.

The learners were dressed up in beautiful costumes organised by the Pre-Primary teachers. There were bright and colourful baubles, noisy crackers, twinkling fairy lights and many other decorations on this special Christmas tree. Each type of decoration did a dance on the stage to show their special talents and to explain why they should be on the Christmas tree.

We are extremely proud of the Pre-Primary learners and teachers for putting on such a wonderful performance for the parents and guests at the Cavern. Well done, Pre-Primary!

Swimming by Brittany Houghting

This term the learners in grade R, 1, 2, 3 and 4 have had the pleasure of swimming at The Cavern. The learners excitedly change into their bright and colourful costumes, slip their slops on, wrap their towels around their shoulders and make the trek up the hill to the Cavern. The learners are exposed to basic swimming techniques and skills such as the correct way to get in and out of the big pool as well as how to hold your breath underwater.

There is fun had by both the learners and the teachers that accompany them. The learners have turns to dive for rings and fish floating near the bottom of a shallow pool as well as floating with pool noodles and kick boards.

The Cavern pool allows our learners to also have a fun and fast ride down their two wonderful slip ‘n slides. This is such a treat for the children and the joy is always visible on their faces. We are grateful to be able to expose them to such important experiences. By showing them basic swimming skills, they are also more aware of water safety and are able to be more confident in the pool.

Our 2020 Needs

Donate towards our stationery and book purchases for 2020. We need approximately R5000 per class for the year to cover these costs.

Royal Drakensberg Primary School is an approved Section 18A public benefit organisation and donations are tax deductible.

We will issue donation receipts on request.

The details of Royal Drakensberg Primary School Society are:
Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) No: 930030293
Income Tax Reference number: 9116654170

Final Word

As the decade draws to an end, we wish you all a Blessed Christmas and peace in 2020.

With warmest regards,

Megan & Loretta

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