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Dear Friends

It is frightful to think that another year has ended and that our big children have graduated from RDP and it is now time to move onto their new schools. They leave us with a little bit of sadness but ready and prepared to take on the next challenge. We extend our gratitude to all the teachers that have helped grow them into fine, confident, well-adjusted youngsters. It is also only possible with the generosity of so many… We would love to share some of our leavers’ reflections, as well as some of the highlights of our final term in 2019 with you.

Eshile Nkosi
Eshile Nkosi

My time at RDP – Eshile Nkosi

I will miss RDP when I leave at the end of the year. I am moving on to Bergville Primary School. I will miss doing lessons outside and learning about poetry in the forest. On very hot days we go and do maths by the river, and we can swim and then carry on doing our maths. I think I will miss library with Gogo Jean the most. I have been at RDP for 6 years and it has become a home away from home for me. I started in grade RR and Ma’am Idah was my teacher, she was the first person to teach me English and I am still learning now. Playing soccer at breaks and doing swimming will be my fondest memory.

Syabonga Mthethwa

My time at RDP – Syabonga Mthethwa

One day I want to be a vet or a doctor, which is why I try hard to learn everything I can in school. I love learning at RDP I have learnt so much through being able to use the computers and the library. I am heading to Amazizi Primary School next year, which will be very different from RDP; they do not do swimming as a sport. This year has been my best year yet at RDP. I loved going to Tugela Trails and learning about all the wild animals, seeing the skeleton of an impala was very interesting. I am sad to be leaving but I think I have learnt enough at RDP for next year to be easier.

Slindelo Hlatshaway

My time at RDP – Slindelo Hlatshaway

This has been my best year at Royal Drakensberg Primary School. I wish that I could stay here but it is time for me to leave. I have loved waking up and going to school every day. I love playing sport. Soccer and cross-country are my favourite, the teachers run with us during cross-country and we always try to beat them. I have tried my best in classes so that I can become a pilot when I am older. After watching a video of the Amphitheatre from a helicopter, it is all I want to do. I have been at school here for 7 years, it has been a long time. It is scary moving to a new school and having a new teacher next year. RDP has been an inspiration to me. So many students have done well and I have done well. I will miss all the kind teachers who listen and help us all the time.

Market Day
Market day

Market Day – James Barnard

Market Day was a blast. On the last day to start off our final half term for this year, a rainy and wet morning, we all got into gear and set up our stalls. What makes Market Day such a success? Well it’s the fact that our teachers, friends of the Cavern, Montusi and All Out Adventures, have spent time and effort preparing for such a lovely event. Let’s discuss why we decided to start hosting a Market Day? Well, one of the main reasons is to provide a fun filled day with all different and exciting events. Not only did the children enjoy themselves but they were given the opportunity to work with money carefully. The older children were able to practise their skills and this is an important skill to learn. Because of the rain and damp conditions, the veggie stall & start of pony rides were placed under the car park. If you were unable to attend Market Day, I would just like to mention a few exciting stalls that RDP learners were able to experience: nail painting, face painting, sand art, Montusi tea, target shooting, lucky packets, tombolo, pick & pop, the water bucket game and other items on sale. The banker also needs to be thanked for all her hard work as you can just imagine 80 children wanting change immediately. Needless to say, the day went off well and our learners had fun learning to handle their money. If you have missed the opportunity this year to attend, next year promises to be bigger and better, with hopefully some sunshine. That being said, we hope to see you next year supporting your child’s education and future.

Breakfast at The Cavern – Kevin Mackenzie

Breakfast at The Cavern Resort for our grade 4 and 5 class is part of the merit reward system for term 4. The whole class ensured that they had their 10 merit stickers and so 11 hungry students headed for the dining room. The class had lessons on table manners and were shown how to use cutlery and this is the practical part of the experience for them with delicious food as an added bonus. Most learners were astounded by grape fruit, never having heard or seen it before. This reminded us just how sheltered our learners from the village are and how important an experience this was going to be for them. With fruit and yoghurt out the way, we moved onto ordering our main part of breakfast with a startling realisation as some of our students did not know what a poached egg was. After a mouth-watering breakfast and with good manners, full tummies and massive smiles, our students walked down the hill to try to concentrate in lessons for the rest of the day. This experience helped me realise just how special this school is for the community and how we must always broaden the horizons of our learners

Merit Day

Merit Day – Irene Mkhulisi

On Wednesday morning the 21st of November 2018, at the jungle gym and the tractor at The Cavern, all the pre-school children and their teachers gathered for merit day. The children excitedly left from school at 9:30. It took the children almost 20 minutes to reach the picnic site. Everything was ready with picnic blankets placed on the grass, balloons hung on the jungle gym and juice ready to be poured. The children were so excited to see what had been done for them and they couldn’t wait to enjoy their reward that they worked hard for throughout term 4. The teachers allowed the children to play and have fun on the jungle gym while they prepared the hotdogs. After the children devoured their hotdogs they washed and rinsed the cups and plates that they used. The children played and enjoyed their day. The children were very happy and walked back to school full of excitement and energy. We would like to thank The Cavern Resort for organising such a special day for our children.


Our Superhero Play – Melanie van Zyl

Thursday, the 29th of November was an incredibly exciting yet tiring day for all learners and teachers from grade RRR – 1.

They performed a nativity play with a twist. It was a Super Christmas play. A bunch of superheroes heard about a brand new superhero coming to town, his name is Jesus. The superheroes meet Mary, Joseph, angels and shepherds. They find out that this new ‘superhero’ is not there to take their jobs but to save the world from sin.

The children had incredible costumes. They wore capes, masks and even face paint. We are very grateful to Sherry van Vuuren for helping with the costumes, the Cavern for hosting us, Khulu Peter and his men who helped set up the stage, all the teachers for all their hard work and of course the parents who helped their children learn some very difficult lines.

Each teacher and parent left the Cavern with enormous pride as every one of the learners put their best foot forward and spoke with confidence in front of a fully packed audience.

Cheerio to Kevin & Claire

Kevin began at Royal Drakensberg 5 years ago and Claire has been with us for the past 2 years. They have been actively involved in school life and have both been such an asset to our small school. They continue their teaching journey in South Korea next year and we wish them everything of the best.

Kevin, we will miss your excellent organisation with the school admin, for being the solitary “man” in the school house for many years and for your absolute commitment to seeing the children learn and grow.

Claire, our precious school will miss your quiet yet firm presence, your willingness to assist with all the correspondence to our individual sponsors and your bright smile.

Hamba kahle to you both!

Final Word

We have been wondering how we share our story and our school’s success but most importantly, its significance in our community. It appears to be a very well-off space but quality teachers and resources come at a great expense and so we are always looking for continued support. We hope that our new video will inspire those that help.

Thank you for making a significant difference to the children.

Our best wishes always,

Megan & Loretta

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