Thank you for your donation.

Thank you for supporting the school.

75 thoughts on “Success”

  1. 01May2019 Sponsorship for student Olwethu’s “walk for education 2019”. Enjoy every step, Olwethu! When the heart is willing, the feet will follow 🙂

    1. Oh Carey! Thank you so much. I will pass this lovely message on to Olwethu!
      Much love and thanks from the mountains!

    1. Dear Gail
      Thank you so much! So much wonderful support and we’re all looking forward to the hike!
      Best wishes always,
      Megan & the team

  2. Donated R250 towards Moya’s BIG walk. I’m looking forward to my next visit in September.

  3. Sponsored R500 for Dave Thurlwell!
    Good luck to everyone doing the challenge!

    1. Many thanks Paul & Claire.
      We do appreciate your support!
      Best wishes from us all,

  4. Just paid R 250 sponsorship for Moya 5hike.

    To all of you have fun and enjoy your hike

  5. Megan
    Made 2 donations totalling R 1000.00 Great job with a good school to take at least some of the children to a better future

  6. To Megan with every good wish for great hiking and successful fund raising!

  7. I would have loved to do the hike . Unfortunately it is not to be. I have though sent a small donation.

    All the best for a great story.

    1. Dear Marlies
      Just so lovely to have your support. Thanks so much! We hope we may see you one day for the hike!
      Our best wishes,
      Megan & the Team

    1. Many thanks, Graeme.
      Donation received and we will send a receipt shortly.
      Best wishes,

  8. Thank youfor the latest newsletter, it is always so interesting. Best wishes to you all and a little donation to help you on your way! Tony

    1. Dear Tony
      Thank you SO much! We are thrilled to have your support!
      With our best wishes,

  9. Hello Megan,
    I visited your school many years ago (2009) with my wife Carla. We were from coevorden, Holland, and both children’s librarians. I was so impressed with your wonderful school. We have now made a donation .I wish you all the best, and hope to see the school continue and thrive.

    regards Gerard & Carla

    1. Dear Gerard & Carla
      Thank you for your donation to our small school. It is so lovely that you have visited and wonderful that you have a keen interest in the children and their education. It certainly is a special space and we are most grateful for your contribution!
      With our best wishes to you both,
      Megan & the school team

  10. Sponsorship for Daphne Thurlwell. Sad we can’t join but maybe next year. Sure this year is going to be another great year!

  11. Sponsorship for Dave Thurlwell. Well done Megan for your continued efforts in this great fundraiser!
    Hope you all have a great hike!

    1. Thanks so much, Dave. We are all looking forward to it!
      Will let the folks know that you’ve sponsored them and thank YOU for coming on board and helping!
      Much love, Megan

  12. Sponsorship for beautiful Moya to do what I cannot. Go girl, there might just be a few crunchies for you!!

    1. You are so kind, Peggy! Thank you for sponsoring Moya! We’ll keep one crunchie especially for her!

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! This will give Moya an extra spring in her Big 5 step!
      Best wishes,
      Megan x

  13. Dear Vicki
    Many thanks for the wonderful support. Our little school continues to thrive and the children are all making lovely progress.
    Thanks too for your good wishes.
    With kind regards,
    Megan & all at Royal Drak Primary

  14. Hello Megan,
    I visited your school two years ago with my friend Daryl Mark. We were from near Boston, Massachusetts, and both children’s librarians. I was so impressed with your wonderful school. I wish you all the best, and hope to see the school continue and thrive.

    Vicki Solomon

  15. Sadly we didn’t manage a visit to The Cavern while in SA earlier this year, but we hope Moya has a great day out walking with the big hike. Good luck to all of you and Happy Birthday!

    1. Dear John & Margaret
      So lovely to have your support! Moya will have a wonderful walk!
      Sorry that we didn’t see you at The Cavern but we’ll be here when you are next out!
      Take care & best wishes from us all,

  16. Sponsorship for Moya, you gorgeous girl. Once again I’m relying on you to do it for me as I can’t do it myself. Who is going to take you up the ladder, Pet? Tummy rubs and hugs!!!

    1. Many thanks, Peggy.
      Wonderful to have the support!
      Much love
      Megan & all at Royal Drakensberg

  17. Hi Megan

    I’ve just sponsored Moya’s hike up the Big5 and I am sure she’ll do us proud! We had a fantastic fortnight with you in February, especially for my granddaughters, and look forward to being with you again soon.

    Happy 75th Birthday to the Cavern Family


    1. Dear Sophia
      Thank you so much! We will keep you all updated in our next newsletter!
      Moya will definitely have a spring in her step this time round!
      We look forward to welcoming you all again soon.
      Best wishes,

    1. Dearest Ke & Brent
      You guys are phenomenal in your support and positive encouragement! THANK YOU!
      Miss you heaps too!
      Much love
      Megan & the Cavernites xxx

  18. Hi Megan,

    Just sponsored Moya R200 on behalf of my mom, Carol Cannon.

    Hope it goes well and we will see you soon!

    Love Gina

    1. Many, many thanks Gina! Looking forward to a wonderful hike this weekend & Moya will be thrilled to have another donation! Tell your mum we’ll be holding thumbs come time for the lucky draw!

  19. Wonderful, Moira & all the de Groots! Thank you!
    Progress reports on our Facebook page!
    Best wishes from us all,

  20. The de Groot’s have donated R200 for Moya’s big 5 walk. Hope many more donations are made.

  21. Sponsorship of R600 for Robynne Hansmann. Do I have to do anything else? Send payment confirmation somewhere?

    1. Many, many thanks, Kirsten.
      I will let Robynne know!
      Very grateful to have your support!
      Kind regards,

  22. Sponsorship for Moya. Go Girl – I can’t do the walk so I’m relying on you to do it for me. Tummy rubs!!! Peggy

    1. Dear Peggy
      That is just wonderful! This will get Moya up the steepest of climbs!
      With our best wishes,
      Megan & the hiking team x

  23. Sponsorship for Moya R 200.00
    Sponsorship for Dave Thurlwell R 100.00
    Sponsorship for Daphne Thurlwell R 100.00
    Love Denham, Louise, Courtney and Kiera

  24. Fond memories of my visit to the Cavern last year and thank you for your email newsletters-most enjoyable

        1. Dear Tony
          Many, many thanks! Received this morning & our very best wishes for your 75th!
          With kindest regards,

  25. Sponsorship for Dave Thurlwell. Awesome effort from everyone again! Well done Megan for organizing.

    Love David, Van and Rebekah

    1. Many thanks, David, Van & Rebekah!
      You guys are fantabulous!
      Thanks for all the support always!

    1. Please let beautiful Moya walk for me again this year.
      Thank you and best wishes,
      Peggy Birrell.
      PS. I have completed the payment.

      1. Dearest Peggy
        How absolutely wonderful to have your support once more!
        Our best wishes to you,

    2. Enjoy and protect and enjoy your human community ❤️Avril and Bill van Den Bosch

      1. Dear Avril & Bill
        Thank you so much for your contribution.
        It is greatly appreciated.
        Best wishes always,
        Megan & all the Cavernites

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